sanger-tol/curationpretext is a bioinformatics pipeline typically used in conjunction with TreeVal to generate pretext maps (and optionally telomeric, gap, coverage, and repeat density plots which can be ingested into pretext) for the manual curation of high quality genomes.

This is intended as a supplementary pipeline for the treeval project. This pipeline can be simply used to generate pretext maps, information on how to run this pipeline can be found in the usage documentation.

  1. Generate Maps - Generates pretext maps as well as a static image.

  2. Accessory files - Generates the repeat density, gap, telomere, and coverage tracks.


Note If you are new to Nextflow and nf-core, please refer to this page on how to set-up Nextflow. Make sure to test your setup with -profile test before running the workflow on actual data.

Currently, the pipeline uses the following flags:

  • --input

    • The absolute path to the assembled genome in, e.g., /path/to/assembly.fa
  • --pacbio

    • The directory of the fasta files generated from pacbio reads, e.g., /path/to/fasta/
  • --cram

    • The directory of the cram and cram.crai files, e.g., /path/to/cram/
  • --teloseq

    • A telomeric sequence, e.g., TTAGGG
  • -entry

    • ALL_FILES generates all accessory files as well as pretext maps
    • MAPS_ONLY generates only the pretext maps and static images

Now, you can run the pipeline using:

// For ALL_FILES run
nextflow run sanger-tol/curationpretext \
   -profile <docker/singularity/.../institute> \
   --input path/to/assembly.fa \
   --cram path/to/cram/ \
   --pacbio path/to/pacbio/fasta/ \
   --teloseq TTAGGG \
   --sample { default is "pretext_rerun" }
   --outdir path/to/outdir/

// For MAPS_ONLY run
nextflow run sanger-tol/curationpretext \
   -profile <docker/singularity/.../institute> \
   --input path/to/assembly.fa \
   --cram path/to/cram/ \
   --sample { default is "pretext_rerun" }
   -entry MAPS_ONLY \
   --outdir path/to/outdir/

Warning: Please provide pipeline parameters via the CLI or Nextflow -params-file option. Custom config files including those provided by the -c Nextflow option can be used to provide any configuration except for parameters;

For more details, please refer to the usage documentation and the parameter documentation.

Pipeline output

To see the the results of a test run with a full size dataset refer to the results tab on the nf-core website pipeline page. For more details about the output files and reports, please refer to the output documentation.


sanger-tol/curationpretext was originally written by Damon-Lee B Pointon (@DLBPointon).

We thank the following people for their extensive assistance in the development of this pipeline:

  • @yumisims

  • @weaglesBio

Contributions and Support

If you would like to contribute to this pipeline, please see the contributing guidelines.

For further information or help, don't hesitate to get in touch on the Slack #curationpretext channel (you can join with this invite).


An extensive list of references for the tools used by the pipeline can be found in the file.

You can cite the nf-core publication as follows:

The nf-core framework for community-curated bioinformatics pipelines.

Philip Ewels, Alexander Peltzer, Sven Fillinger, Harshil Patel, Johannes Alneberg, Andreas Wilm, Maxime Ulysse Garcia, Paolo Di Tommaso & Sven Nahnsen.

Nat Biotechnol. 2020 Feb 13. doi: 10.1038/s41587-020-0439-x.

Run with

Read how to configure the Tower CLI here.

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