On this page you can see the beating heart of sanger-tol - the size of our community and the output of our work.

Please bear in mind the following points when looking over these numbers:

  • Pipelines maybe worked on before they are transferred to sanger-tol. The age, stars and other metrics of the original parent repository are not shown.
  • Metrics are for the default (main) branch only
  • Commits and contributors are only counted if associated with a GitHub account
  • nextflow pull and nextflow run uses git to clone a remote repo the first time it runs, so the clones count gives some idea of usage. However:
    • Unique cloners is based on IP address, so will under-represent institutional users sharing a single external IP address
    • Unique cloners is based on IP address, so will over-represent cloud users using multiple IP addresses
    • Traditional HPC centres may share workflow installations, so only have one clone for many users  /  pipeline runs
    • Cloud users will typically spin up a new instance and clone the workflow every time that they run a pipeline.
  • Clone counts and repositoriy views are only available for two weeks - longer term data collection for sanger-tol repos started in July 2023 This is when we started counting the totals.
  • Metrics are fetched once per day (last checked 2024-05-25).


The numbers below track our growth over the various channels that the sanger-tol community operates in.

Click a number to see how the community has grown over time


GitHub organisation members


GitHub contributors

GitHub organisation members

We use GitHub to manage all of the code written for sanger-tol. It's a fantastic platform and provides a huge number of tools. We have a GitHub organisation called sanger-tol.

It is not required to be a member of the sanger-tol GitHub organisation to contribute. However, members get the sanger-tol logo listed on their profile page and full write-access to all sanger-tol repositories.

By default, organisation membership is private. This is why you'll see a lower number if you visit the sanger-tol organisation page and are not a member.

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GitHub contributors

Anybody can fork sanger-tol repositories and open a pull-request. Here we count how many different people have contributed at least one commit to an sanger-tol repository, or created or commented on an issue or pull-request.

Plot truncated to start of 2022 (some pipelines moved to sanger-tol so have older contributions).

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Code stats

Whilst we always prefer quality over quantity, these numbers reflect the work output from the sanger-tol community.




Pull Requests





Repository traffic

Every time a nextflow user pulls a sanger-tol pipeline, the repository is cloned. Here we can track how much that happens across all sanger-tol repositories. Please note that these numbers come with some caveats [ see more ].

Additionally, GitHub tracks how many times people view repository web pages on

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Pull Requests

When people contribute code to a sanger-tol repository, we conduct a "Pull request" - other members of the sanger-tol community review the proposed code and make suggestions, before merging into the main repository.

Pull Request response times

Pull-requests are reviewed by the sanger-tol community - they can contain discussion on the code and can be merged and closed. We aim to be prompt with reviews and merging. Note that some PRs can be a simple type and so very fast to merge, others can be major pipeline updates.

First response is when a comment is made by a GitHub user other than the original PR author

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GitHub issues can be created to log feature requests, bug reports or questions.

Issue response times

A sign of an active community is a quick response time to issues. Here we see a frequency histogram of how long it takes to respond to and close issues.

First response is when a comment is made by a GitHub user other than the original issue author

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Contributor Leaderboard

We value each and every contribution to sanger-tol, no matter how small. However, that doesn't mean that we can not get competitive!

Here are the latest stats of who has contributed the greatest number of commits.

  • There is more to contributing than commits! We're not counting issue comments, reviews or anything else here.
  • People merging pull-requests get bonus commit counts from those merge commits.
  • Some people commit often, others not so much. So it's not a perfect representation of amount of work - just a bit of fun!
  • main branch only, and all of the other caveats..
treeval 1352
blobtoolkit 136
treeval 376
readmapping 150
treeval 419
variantcalling 230
blobtoolkit 177
blobtoolkit 121
genomeassembly 47
ascc 10
variantcalling 2
variantcalling 2
blobtoolkit 2
curationpretext 1

Pipeline numbers

All sanger-tol pipelines are only considered stable when they have at least one release. Until then, they are classed as "in development".


Click a row to see detailed statistics for that repository.

  Name Age Releases Committers Commits Stargazers Watchers Network Forks Clones Unique cloners Repo views Unique repo visitors
  Total: 14 pipelines 25 14 unique 4356 78 87 12 12989 2635 55923 5887
sanger-tol/blobtoolkit 2 years 2 6 557 10 6 0 951 206 4500 511
sanger-tol/ensemblgenedownload 2 years 2 1 61 1 6 1 270 73 310 71
sanger-tol/ensemblrepeatdownload 2 years 1 1 74 1 5 0 257 70 329 70
sanger-tol/genomeassembly 2 years 0 6 100 11 10 1 1712 262 9256 810
sanger-tol/genomenote 2 years 5 3 276 18 7 3 1428 328 5400 815
sanger-tol/insdcdownload 2 years 2 1 122 1 6 0 447 141 767 101
sanger-tol/readmapping 2 years 5 3 241 8 5 3 459 155 3954 489
sanger-tol/sequencecomposition 2 years 1 1 78 2 6 0 307 82 322 65
sanger-tol/treeval 2 years 2 6 2218 17 5 2 3557 526 19739 1924
sanger-tol/variantcalling 2 years 5 5 272 3 9 0 923 224 3283 330
sanger-tol/curationpretext 11 months 0 3 59 2 7 2 1089 289 1762 278
sanger-tol/ascc 11 months 0 4 295 3 7 0 1556 251 6124 395
sanger-tol/longreadmag 2 months 0 1 2 1 4 0 11 10 69 10
sanger-tol/treevalhiglassdigest 3 weeks 0 1 1 0 4 0 22 18 108 18
  Name Age Releases Committers Commits Stargazers Watchers Network Forks Clones Unique cloners Repo views Unique repo visitors