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Join us from September 6-8 2023 for the Community Nextflow & nf-core Training event!

The Community Nextflow and nf-core Training is entirely virtual and free and will cover the fundamentals of using Nextflow and nf-core. While the training will offer something for all skill levels it will be especially useful for those who are new to Nextflow and the nf-core community.

Accessing the streams

To make the workshops available to everyone they will be streamed on the nf-core YouTube channel.


Training sessions will be available from 3 pm (CEST) each day. Each session will be approximately 3 hours and will include a short break.

The training will consist of two days of Nextflow and one day of nf-core training. The material covered will be very similar to what has already been shown in previous community training events.

The schedule for each session will be available soon!

Asking questions

Questions can be asked in the Slack channels created for this event. Community volunteers will monitor these channels and will answer your questions as quickly as they can. You can join the nf-core Slack here.

The Slack channels for this event will become available closer to the event.

Please be aware that due to the size of this event there may be a delay when answering your questions.


Registration for the training is now OPEN! 🎉

Please sign up here or in the widget below to be kept up to date with all relevant information 👇

Code of conduct

Please note that by attending the training event you are agreeing to abide by our Code of Conduct.