Join us online March 27-29, 2023, for the nf-core hackathon! 🗓️

The nf-core hackathon is free and is being held online (we will be back in Gather). Some community members are also hosting local sites. We will do our best to support people in all time zones. earth_americas earth_asia earth_africa

Please note this is not a training event. More information about our community training event, being held March 13-16, 2023, can be found here.

Please watch the introduction video below to get started:

Gather access

The hackathon is being held in a virtual venue on the platform Gather. If you have never used Gather before we have a bytesize video from the March 2022 hackathon that will help you to get started.

To join, you will need to follow these steps:

  1. Follow this link to find the Gather space
    • Please note that the hackathon space will not open until the event
  2. Enter the email address you used to register for the hackathon
    • This is the same address from which you received this email
  3. Check your email for a one-time code and enter it into the Gather window
  4. Enter the space and enjoy the hackathon!

Local sites

We are trying something new! 🚀

Hacking in person is a lot of fun. Although the hackathon is online, to get the best of both worlds, we are encouraging everyone to create local sites where people can gather to hack together. Be it with your group, institute, city, or region, local sites will be a lot of fun!

If you have registered for a local site your local host will be in contact with you to outline site-specific information. For the most recent information about your site as well as the contact details of your local site organizer please check the event page specific to your local sites.

Reminder: Even if you are attending a local site you will still join everyone online in Gather.

Country City  Location Event page
🇧🇷 Brazil Natal Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte Read more
🇫🇷 France Rennes IGDR Read more
🇩🇪 Germany Tübingen QBiC Read more
🇩🇪 Germany Leipzig MPI-EVA Read more
🇮🇹 Italy Pavia Department of Biology and Biotechnology Read more
🇵🇱 Poland Kraków Ardigen Read more
🇸🇳 Senegal Dakar Institut Pasteur de Dakar Read more
🇷🇸 Serbia Belgrade APIS Assay Technologies - Startit Centar Read more
🇿🇦 South Africa Cape Town Stellenbosch University Read more
🇪🇸 Spain Barcelona CRG Read more
🇸🇪 Sweden Stockholm SciLifeLab Read more
🇬🇧 UK Cambridge Wellcome Trust Genome Campus Read more
🇬🇧 UK Edinburgh MRC Institute of Genetics and Cancer Read more
🇬🇧 UK London Google Academy Read more
🇺🇸 USA Dallas University of Texas at Dallas Read more
🇺🇸 USA San Jose Quilt Co-Working Space Read more
🇺🇸 USA Wyoming The University of Wyoming Read more


The hackathon schedule is designed to accommodate diverse time zones. If you are attending online please come, go, and take breaks at times that fit your schedule. If you are attending a local site please check the schedule on the corresponding event page above.

We hope to see you all at the hackathon welcome, daily syncs, and final wrap-up. However, if you can't make it, these will be recorded and can be viewed afterward.

Time Mon. 27 Mar., 2023 Tue. 28 Mar., 2023 Wed. 29 Mar., 2023
02:00 Hack! Hack!
10:00 Welcome
Location: Gather Lecture Theatre
11:00 Hack!
15:00 Online Quiz
Location: Gather Lecture Theatre
16:00 Daily sync
Location: Gather Lecture Theatre
Daily sync
Location: Gather Lecture Theatre
Final wrap-up
Location: Gather Lecture Theatre
17:00 Hack! Hack!

Reminder: Clocks go forward one hour in Europe on March 26, 2023.

Pre-hackathon checklist

Ensure you have read/signed up/joined/installed the following resources before the hackathon.

How to hack!

We will be a lot of people working in parallel during this hackathon, so to stay organized we have a recommended workflow:

  1. speech_balloon Chat with your group (on slack or gather town) to get an overview of what is going on.
  2. Join the relevant Slack channel(s) to stay up to date and discuss with your project members.
  3. Find a task to work on using the GitHub Project Board.
    • If you have something you want to do that's not there, please make an issue and add it to the board.
  4. raising_hand Assign yourself to the issue that you're currently working on (preferably one issue at a time).
    • This is so that multiple people don't accidentally work on the same task.
  5. fast_forward When you're done, make a pull request with your changes.
    • Link it to the issue so that the issue closes when merged.
  6. page_facing_up Describe your work on the HackMD document for the project and tell the group! tada
  7. memo While waiting to receive a review - try reviewing someone else's PR!
  8. recycle Repeat!

The HackMD document is the easiest to forget, but please add something even if you think what you did was small - we will use it in the group check-outs for each day and also in the reporting after the event so it's important for us bow

See below for an introduction on how to use the GitHub project board:


To keep things manageable everyone will be organized into groups. You are free to change groups at any time during the hackathon.

We will coordinate our work and the issues we are working on using a single GitHub project board. There is a separate tab for each group that will have a list of relevant issues for you to work on.

Time zones

If you're in APAC (Asia / Pacific) or AMER (Americas) and can't find anyone, message the group leaders below. They will be online all day and can get you started.

APAC Group Leaders

  • Chris Haakart
  • Yuk Kei Wan

AMER Group Leaders

  • Marcel Ribeiro-Dantas


The documentation group will focus on all things documentation related, from pipelines themselves to modules and general documentation to aid in getting started with nf-core and Nextflow. This is a great group to start if you are not sure where to begin.


Group leaders

  • Marcel Ribeiro-Dantas,
  • Franziska Bonath (Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • Louisa Perelo (Monday)


The nf-core website and central tooling are always being improved. If you enjoy working with python or want to do some web development (mainly CSS and javascript - we are using astrojs+svelte), join the infrastructure group!


Group leaders

  • Matthias Hörtenhuber,
  • Júlia Mir Pedrol


The pipelines group will focus on any pipeline-related work. This could be a DSL2 conversion of a pipeline, a new or improved feature for a pipeline, or an entirely new pipeline (please let us register a new pipeline already before the hackathon, following our guidelines). These are typically led by the main pipeline developers if they also attend the hackathon.


Group leaders

  • James Fellows Yates,
  • Friederike Hanssen
  • Susanne Jodoin


The modules group welcomes anyone who wants to work on current or new nf-core/modules.


Group leaders

  • Maxime Garcia,
  • Louisa Perelo (Tuesday, Wednesday)
  • Nicolas Vannieuwkerke
  • Jonathan Manning


Why stop at only sharing modules? Subworkflows can be shared between pipelines too! Join the subworkflows group to work on this new nf-core development!


Group leaders

  • Edmund Miller,
  • Maxime Garcia
  • Matthias De Smet

Social activities

During the hackathon, we will have light-hearted fun and games! Special edition nf-core rubber ducks are up for grabs for the winners!

  • Online quiz: Meet in the Gather lecture theater at 3 pm (CEST) on Tuesday, March 28.
    • Local sites have access to the quiz and are free to host it at a time that fits them or join the online one. All scores are compared at the end.
  • Scavenger Hunt
  • Hackathon bingo
  • Hidden socks in Gather
    • Take screenshots of as many as you can find!
    • See the sock hunt information board in Gather for more information.
  • Free pizza! (local sites only)

All social activities are of course optional, but we hope to see as many people joining in as possible.

Code of conduct

Please note that by attending the hackathon you are agreeing to abide by our Code of Conduct.